Pleasants County, West Virginia | Make It Your Future

Since the mid-1800s the Pleasants County economy has evolved from one that endured the boom and bust periods associated with extreme fluctuations in the chemical, oil and coal-fired industries into a more stable manufacturing- and utility-based economy. The early production of barrels, buttons and glass set the stage for today’s manufacturing environment. National and internationally-held companies have chosen Pleasants County for their production sites. Allegheny Power’s stations are responsible for supplying electricity to homes and industries throughout the northeastern and central United States.

Pleasants County’s location positions business and industry within 500 miles of half of the American population. Easy access to river, rail, air and roadway transportation options creates a cost-effective marketplace for the production of chemicals, plastics, pharmaceuticals, and energy by industry leaders such as Alpharma, Cytec, Simex, Tenaska Power and Allegheny Power. State-of-the-art facilities, ample supplies of natural gas, and affordable electricity are tremendous benefits to manufacturing and industry.

A business-friendly tax structure and a safety-conscious, well-trained workforce loyal to the area are added incentives for environmentally-friendly and safety-conscious manufacturing companies. Our local plants have achieved excellent safety records as compared to the national industry averages. Local Advisory Panels comprised of members of the community and local plant personnel have built and maintained an effective communication link and support system between the companies and the community.

Smaller high-tech businesses and retail firms have also found a niche here in our valley. Businesses, large and small, are appreciated and supported in Pleasants County. A local economic development organization is governed by a 15-member board of local leaders who volunteer to promote the county’s business-friendly environment, retaining and creating jobs, encouraging new enterprises, and promoting community development.