Pleasants County, West Virginia | Make It Your Future

The core values of our community support a culture that fosters and rewards a strong work ethic. There is a broad range of careers represented in Pleasants County, and approximately 50 percent of residents work within the county. From skilled labor to experienced professionals, the county's workforce has a proven track record for getting the job done well.

Pleasants County's population is just under 8000, evenly divided between men and women. Over 63 percent are between 16-64, working age. Organized labor has a positive, long-standing presence in Pleasants County. Its contribution to the establishment of a stable, well-trained workforce with positive company/employee relationships is highly valued by county residents.

Education is the foundation for a quality workforce. Pleasants County is home to the second highest percentage of high school graduates among counties in the region. Approximately 80 percent of the county’s workforce holds a high school diploma, which is on par with the national average and some 5 percent higher than the state average. The region’s Workforce Investment Board provides quality training and skill-based educational programs, supporting the changing needs of both the workforce and the employers.

Pleasants County employers have consistently listed basic skills as the most valued. These include reading, writing, teamwork, math, customer relations, strong listening and observation skills, knowledge of various computer applications, critical thinking and information research abilities.

Over one-third of Pleasants County’s major employers provide tuition assistance or incentives to pursue additional education. The PRT Technical Center, in partnership with West Virginia University-Parkersburg (WVU-P), provides specialized instruction in a variety of technical fields. From computer repair and automotive technology to health occupations and construction, students can acquire certification or college credit in their field of interest.

Supported by the local economic development organization, active regional and state agencies, city and county government as well as the business and educational communities, companies large and small have and will continue to grow and prosper in this county along the river.

Traditionally, the manufacturing and utilities/transportation sectors offer the highest average wages. In Pleasants County 37 percent of the community’s residents are employed in these segments, earning an average annual wage of $60,000. This healthy income has provided a solid foundation for the steady growth of housing in the community.

Employment by Sector
Public Utilities
Retail Trade

Accessible by river, rail and interstate highway, Pleasants County is within 500 miles of about one-half of the U.S. population and over 30 percent of the Canadian population.

Companies that do business in Pleasants County are considered friends and partners. They receive a return on investment many times over - in support from the community and in the productivity of a loyal workforce.