Pleasants County, West Virginia | Make It Your Future

Whether it’s communicating to the rest of the world or getting your goods and services distributed, Pleasants County is in the forefront of quick, convenient and reliable technology and communications.

The technical infrastructure in Pleasants County was designed with the future in mind. Few communities of this size are as prepared for growth, with a high bandwith fiber optic trunk line paralleling the Ohio River, and running through the heart of our county seat being available as our super landline. Our facilities include T-1 lines and DSL and high speed cable Internet services that are reliable. We are the home of a service office of Frontier Communications.

The area’s technology spans a wide range of services, from satellite and cable television to a 300-foot tower that will provide the U.S. Coast Guard with a global positioning service in this area as a component of the international system that it is building.

The business and community leaders of Pleasants County know that technology is at the core of economic development. The school system’s curriculum supports this philosophy. Middle school and high school courses in technology education are founded in scientific and mathematical principles that provide the foundation for students being able to use technology in their future careers. Programs such as accelerated reading, on-line Spanish, and AutoCAD are also in place. The latest software in digital video and imaging helps students create the school newspaper and yearbook.

With the support and involvement of the business community, city and county officials and private industry leaders, our residents and entrepreneurs can plan with full confidence that the technology for a bright future will be in place.

Most importantly, Pleasants County’s network can support a large number of people without sacrificing access, speed or security. It is being expanded to the rural areas of the county.

With two locally owned newspapers and both AM and FM radio stations, there is ready access to the latest information on what’s happening in Pleasants County. For anyone thinking about our community as a new place to live or to do business, the county development authority’s website ( offers links to information on a variety of topics you’ll consider as you contemplate a move.

Situated 15 minutes from Interstate 77 and U.S. Route 50, Pleasants County offers easy access to larger metropolitan areas and potential customers. The region’s airport is also about the same distance and offers connecting flights to locations around the nation and world. The river and rail services can accommodate those who need shipping services larger than the numerous truck lines that serve the county. We also enjoy multiple courier services.