Pleasants County, West Virginia | Make It Your Future

Reflecting the steady calm of the river’s flow, the pace and character of Pleasants County are reminiscent of a more carefree time, a time when everyone was involved in a community. Less noise and traffic beget less stress and more time to rediscover and appreciate the peaceful pleasures of everyday life. Home ownership is attainable here with over 80 percent of residents owning their own homes.

Whether the choice is to build a new home, to buy an existing contemporary home in one of the new developments, or to invest in a turn-of-the-century farmhouse with more land, Pleasants County residents enjoy the convenience of a small community, the security of a close-knit community and the privacy of a considerate community. Well-kept homes and streets reflect pride and a commitment to preserving a heritage rich in traditional values and patriotism.

The Pleasants County community has been blessed with a remarkably low crime rate. In a recent report by the Division of Criminal Justice Services, West Virginia had the most favorable crime rate (serious offenses – murder, forcible rape, robbery, felonious assault, breaking and entering, larceny theft, and motor vehicle theft) in the United States. During the 10-year span, Pleasants County had the fewest of these crimes of any county in the state. Dedicated and trustworthy troopers from the state police, officers of the city police department and the sheriff and his deputies share responsibility for protecting the citizens. The fire and emergency services departments work together to protect the property, people and serenity of the community the members also call home. An emphasis on safety, embraced by the management and employees of every county industry and every elected official, means less cause for worry by families. Warning systems and response plans are in place for the various emergencies that might occur.

Grocery stores and pharmacies are conveniently located only a short drive, bike ride or walk away. Fast food and family restaurants are readily accessible, and both franchise and locally-owned downtown shops offer a variety of retail options in a homespun atmosphere. Holiday and special-occasion shopping is truly a unique experience in the downtown area of St. Marys, the county seat. The picturesque sidewalks are lined with beautiful street lamps, benches, flowers, flags and friendly smiles.

Retirees are welcomed! A premier retirement property in the area is The Heritage. This modern assisted-living community is owned and operated by healthcare professionals who understand and respect each resident's individual interests and needs. An on-site exercise facility and adjacent physical therapy clinic support healthy and independent living. CareHaven of Pleasants, located in Belmont, offers quality intermediate, long-term residential care.

The well-planned infrastructure of Pleasants County supports the intelligent growth of the county, with nearly every home having access to public utilities, recycling services, and state-of-the-art communication technologies. The education system is generously supported by a manufacturing- and utility-based tax structure that facilitates the largest per pupil expenditure in West Virginia while having a much more modest impact upon individual taxpayers.

The churches in our community offer havens for individual faith as well as numerous opportunities for volunteerism and involvement. Pleasants County’s three dozen churches include the following:

Apostolic Church of Christ Independent
Pentecostal Baptist Church of God
Methodist Presbyterian Catholic
Episcopal Nazarene  

People in Pleasants County enjoy convenience, quiet and the security of quality living in a caring community of friends.