Pleasants County, West Virginia | Make It Your Future

Public services in Pleasants County provide everything you would expect plus many unique opportunities for those who want to help. The long-standing partnerships among the various organizations strengthen the community by ensuring that coordinated assistance is rendered.

Our caring network of community resources steps in to aid families in times of financial crisis, fire, flood, illnesses and other emergencies with food, clothing, money, temporary shelter and/or assistance with utilities. From the children given a boost through the pre-kindergarten programs to the families benefiting from health services and human resources of the Pleasants County Health Department, to the seniors who participate in the Pleasants County Senior Services programs designed specifically for them, residents can count on help and support from people who are genuinely concerned about their welfare.

Local organizations like Neighbor Network, Habitat for Humanity, the Summer Meals and the Meals On Wheels Programs, the Christian Outreach Center, the Humane Society, the Ministerial Alliance and others do more than help those in need. They provide countless opportunities for every resident to become involved in building a better community for everyone. One of the benefits of living in a small community is the opportunity for every individual to make a significant difference.

The Pleasants County Emergency Plan has been recognized as outstanding for small communities and is managed and kept current by the Local Emergency Planning Commission. The St. Marys Volunteer Fire Department and the Belmont Volunteer Fire Department are manned by some 50 well-trained community members who serve because they care. Each department enjoys modern equipment for responding to various types of emergencies. Police protection reflects the understanding and attention that come from certified professionals who know and live in the community. The Pleasants County Emergency Squad is prepared for an immediate response, 24 hours each day. Any of these services may be beckoned by a call to the county-wide 911 center that will be answered promptly by professionals who are also concerned friends and neighbors.

The Pleasants County Library is open seven days a week and offers programming for preschoolers and school-aged children. It boasts one of the highest circulations per capita in the state, and has become a hot spot for the latest hobby - genealogy. It houses 15 computers and over 24,000 volumes along with study and meeting rooms.

The Pleasants County WVU Extension Office provides information, education and support for gardeners and farmers. The Parks and Recreation Office ensures that the public parks are clean, safe and ready to be enjoyed by residents and visitors.