Pleasants County, West Virginia | Make It Your Future

Americans are rediscovering the joys of home life, basic values and roots, and most especially a less stressful lifestyle. It’s time to enjoy the little things, for one day we may realize that they were the big things. While happy people may live longer, the healthcare professionals in the county and surrounding region have earned some of the credit.

Within the county, several experienced and friendly professionals provide general medical, dental, optical and chiropractic care. The competent and caring staff at the Pleasants County Health Department provides family planning, immunizations, screening for infectious diseases and well water testing. REM, a company named for founder Robert E. Miller, and Westbrook Health Services provide care for the physically and mentally challenged in the community. Local pharmacies provide medications needed to local patrons.

Accredited, attractive facilities are available for both assisted living and comprehensive nursing care in Pleasants County. The Heritage and CareHaven of Pleasants County are both recognized as leading senior communities.

Numerous options for comprehensive and specialized care are within 30 minutes or less travel at St. Joseph's and Camden-Clark Memorial Hospitals in Parkersburg, Selby General and Marietta Memorial Hospitals in Marietta, OH, and Sisterville General Hospital in Tyler County. The Pleasants County Emergency Squad is on continuous call for the county's residents and offers transportation to any of these five healthcare facilities.

In addition to the transportation and advanced life support services of the Emergency Squad, training is offered regularly to the community in CPR and first aid, and free blood pressure checks are available at the squad’s building at any time.

Each of the area's hospitals is continually updating its facilities, equipment and technologies. St. Joseph's Hospital is ranked among the top 100 facilities in the nation and is home to the area's state-of-the-art cardiac care unit, where open-heart surgeries are performed every day. Camden-Clark Memorial Hospital, a leading level III trauma center, is staffed by professionals who have proven their ability to manage crisis care with excellence. Camden-Clark offers both general and acute care, including cancer treatments.

Marietta Memorial excels in cancer and cardiac care treatments, and is a leader in community wellness programs, while Selby Hospital's emergency care and osteopathic services meet a broad range of healthcare needs with with a highly personal approach.

The open arms of capable and caring professionals in a smaller environment are just moments away at the Sistersville General Hospital, where medical professionals understand that quality healthcare begins with a respect for patients and their individual needs.

From caring neighbors with helping hands to kind professionals with state-of-the-art technology, Pleasants County has your family covered.